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As figurine masturbators or figure sex doll, it combined the appeal of painted PVC with the sexual functions of silicone, and there is also a skeleton inside the doll to support the body and some joints can be moved like a real sex doll. So that you can change her position as you like. There is also clothes that you can dress her as you wish!
The carving of her head can be as delicate as an anime character. At the same time her body is soft like real girl, her boobs, ass, and vagina are made of soft silicone. You seem to have a real anime girlfriend with her.
Features of a figure sex doll:
• The head of figure sex doll is delicate like other hentai figures you have seen before. The face is designed by a modeler and then Painted it by PVC. The face paint won’t fade, you don’t need to worry about this problem.
• The inner skeleton is made of a special alloy that doesn’t break easily. The joints are movable, so you can get her into the pose you want. But please bend joints to a reasonable degree. They can’t do positions that humans can’t do.
• The body is made of soft and elastic silicone material. She fulfilled her duties as a sex doll. She has the S-shaped body curve of an anime character, with big breasts and a big butt which feels good to the touch.
• And also the important part, vagina channel. It can have a bumpy, ribbed or irregular pattern inside the tunnel. The rubbed tunnel is the most popular feature. The bumpy tunnel is second and finally, a pocket vagina with an irregular shape is best made to mimic the feel inside a vagina. A real vagina and ass is not straight or even, it have beds and creases inside that only the finest male sex toys can replicate.
• The biggest feature of the figure sex doll is that it perfectly combines the functions of sex dolls with figures. She breaks through the limitations of dimensions and comes to you from the animation world, bringing you a lot of happiness.

We have different kinds of products to meet all your needs, don't worry about the size, whether it's platinum silicone or high quality TPE there is enough elasticity to meet most people's size.
Anime Sex Doll is a form of realistically presenting the beauties written by various cartoonists. With the body, eyes, and big breasts of the beauty in the manga, you no longer have to masturbate because of the sexy pictures in the manga when watching anime. Let these Anime Sex Dolls accompany you, she can satisfy you all.

Torso Sex Doll is known to be quite self-explanatory. If your home does not have much space, but still you want to get pleasure from a life-size love doll, then a torso sex doll is a perfect solution for you. The sex doll torso has a full-size torso but is deficient in arms, legs and head. But don’t get sad. They will give you the perfect pleasure of sex as they have all the sexual and anatomical features, just like the full-size sex dolls.

Onaholes/Pocket Pussy:If you’re looking for something that feels way better than your hand, an onahole is a great place to start. With special materials and intricate designs they will bring you a whole new kind of pleasure. The compact sex toys can be used with one hand. Because of their small size they’re easy to store, easy to clean, and very affordable. They’re also perfect for longer sessions because your hand won’t get tired as quickly!

Regardless of the shape, type, or design of men's sex toys you use, do not forget always to be hygienic and keep your pocket pussies or other sex toys clean all the time.

For best outcomes, use antibacterial cleaners, but check with your manufacturers first for guidelines. Some specify the exact type of products for cleaning.

No need to fret. Silicone is easy to clean. Use warm water and soap to wash the sex toy after and before every use. Air dry, and you are good to go.

However, If your sex toy is made with TPR or TPE, these materials require a little more work. Since they are porous, mold, fungus, mildew, STIs, and bacteria can easily get hooked in the tiny nooks and crannies.

You need to clean them with water and soap before and after use. Rinse properly. You can apply the sterilizer as often as possible (as your guideline directs).
Then make sure you dry them thoroughly. To keep moisture away, use silica gel.

To properly clean your pocket pussy sex toy, follow these steps:

1.Look for damage: If you find that the pocket pussy is damaged, don’t try to improvise. Trash it immediately. Always use a pocket pussy that is new and has a tight grip.

2.Rinse properly: While doing this, don’t invert your pocket pussy as this could cause it to tear. Rather run cold or warm water through it as much as possible.

3.Wash thoroughly: After flushing out most of the cum, lubes, or any other liquid inside the pocket pussy, use water and soap (for silicone pocket pussies) or if your pocket pussy is made with TPE, use antibacterial sex toy cleaner. As earlier mentioned, germs, bacteria, etc., can linger if your pocket pussies have porous materials. So using a special cleaning liquid is recommended. Wipe all the nooks and crannies of the toy using your fingers or a soft sponge.

4.In all your cleaning, never use a harsh household cleaning agent like Clorox or 409. Their corrosive contents can damage your pocket pussy or even harm you.

5.Rinse again: After washing, rinse the pocket pussy toy again, and ensure all the liquids are drained along with the cleaning agents used.

6.Dry: You must ensure your pocket pussy device is properly dried because bacteria grows on a humid surface. After rinsing, squeeze it thoroughly. You can also dab carefully with a neat nit-free napkin. Then allow pocket pussy to dry out.

7.After 4 to 12 hours, carry out the finger test. Insert your finger into the vagina of the pocket pussy and make sure there is no dampness.
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