Your best friend:Ling

Hello everyone, meet Ling, our mascot! Ling represents MRL sex doll's core values - love and innovation. She is full of energy and symbolises MRL sex doll's pursuit of continuous technological advancement, and also demonstrates our care and support for each and every one of our users.

Name:Dragon Ling
English Name:Ling
Favorite Color:Blue
Favorite Food:Papaya Milk
Character Stories:Ling is the representative and mascot of MRL. She was originally a dragon princess from the deep sea. Curious and adventurous, she came to the human world and joined MRL, where she made many new friends. Ling is curious about all things human, eager to learn and make new connections. Ling is energized by the refreshing taste and creamy texture of papaya milk. Ling's favorite food is papaya milk, and every sip she takes fills her with energy, allowing her to complete MRL's complex tasks with full enthusiasm and charm.

We have created many interesting identities for Ling and allowed her to experience life differently.

The noble dragon princess of the deep sea.

Ling, the playful and cute maid.

The gentle big sister at home.

Ling in a professional dress, ready to get to work.

Our goal in creating Ling is all simple, just as our brand name represents, MRLSEXDOLL, meaning Mr. Love. Love is constant; it does not change due to external factors or succumb to time constraints. We want everyone to truly love Ling, just as we sincerely love someone. We want to amplify that sentiment and attract more people.

MRLSEXDOLL Since its creation in 2019, Ling has made as many friends as she wished, and her friends have created other interesting costumes and scenes for her.

Do you want to be Ling's best friend too? Show everyone the art you created for Ling! Send it to us and we will get in touch with you!