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What Is An Onahole?

While most people are familiar with terms like "pocket pussy" and brands like Fleshlight, what exactly is an "onahole"? How does it differ from other male adult toys?

What is the meaning of the term "onahole"?

Borrowed from Japanese オナホール (onahōru), a portmanteau of オナニー (onanīmasturbationfrom German Onanie) and ホール (hōruholefrom English hole).

What are the types of Onahol?

Realistic - These ONAHOLE are often modeled after popular Japanese adult video (AV) stars. Examples include KMP's Innocent Angel or Premium Hole series, and MRL's Hashimoto Arina Onahole.The packaging for these products usually features a photo of the actress and is so detailed that it looks like the actress's real-life pussy or buttocks.

Hentai (Anime) - Erotic anime known as "hentai" has taken the world by storm, spawning a plethora of toys featuring anime girls. These masturbators are often packaged with sexy, provocative graphics and manga pamphlets with tantalizing stories to fuel your fantasies. Some of the most popular "hentai" lines include Magic Eyes and MRL's Cayce.

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