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10 Countries Where It's Legal To Buy Sex Dolls

10 Countries Where It's Legal To Buy Sex Dolls

The conversation around sex dolls has changed dramatically in recent years, moving from a low-key tone to a more open discussion. The sex doll market has expanded as society has become more accepting of diverse lifestyles and technological advances. However, the legality of purchasing sex dolls continues to vary widely across the globe.

If your country allows you to buy sex dolls for entertainment, that is a good thing and you should consider yourself lucky. There are still many countries that prohibit the purchase of sex dolls due to cultural situations, customs or religious issues.



1. United States

In the United States, the legality of sex dolls is largely determined by individual states. While federal law does not explicitly prohibit the sale or purchase of sex dolls, certain states have specific regulations. For example, in Florida, it's illegal to sell sex dolls that resemble minors. Overall, in most parts of the country, adults can legally buy and own sex dolls, contributing to a thriving market supported by numerous retailers and manufacturers.

2. Canada

Canada has a progressive stance on sex dolls. The country allows the sale and purchase of adult sex dolls, though, like the United States, it prohibits those that depict minors. Canadian laws emphasize consent and safety, ensuring that products meet certain health and safety standards. This legal environment supports a growing industry and a wide acceptance among consumers.

3. Germany

Germany is known for its liberal views on sex and sexuality, and this extends to the legality of sex dolls. The country has no specific laws banning the sale or ownership of sex dolls. German society's open attitude towards sexual health and freedom has led to a robust market, with numerous shops and online stores catering to a diverse clientele.

4. Japan

Japan is one of the leading countries in the sex doll industry, renowned for its advanced technology and realistic designs. There are no legal restrictions on the sale or ownership of sex dolls, making them widely available. Japanese culture, which often embraces cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions for personal satisfaction, supports a vibrant market for sex dolls.

5. Netherlands

The Netherlands, famous for its liberal policies on sex work and drug use, also allows the legal sale and purchase of sex dolls. Dutch society's open-minded approach to sexuality ensures that there are few legal barriers for those interested in owning a sex doll. The country hosts a variety of retailers and online platforms that offer a wide range of products.

6. Australia

In Australia, sex dolls are legal to buy and own. However, the country has strict laws against the importation of dolls that resemble minors. The Australian market is well-regulated, ensuring that consumers have access to safe and legally compliant products. This regulatory framework supports a growing industry and a diverse consumer base.

7. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a permissive approach towards the sale and ownership of sex dolls. While there are strict regulations against dolls that resemble minors, adult sex dolls are legal and widely available. The UK market includes numerous retailers and manufacturers, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences.

8. France

In France, the sale and purchase of sex dolls are legal. The country, known for its liberal attitude towards sex and relationships, supports a market where consumers can freely buy sex dolls. French laws focus on ensuring that products are safe and that they do not resemble minors, aligning with broader European regulations.

9. Brazil

Brazil allows the sale and purchase of sex dolls, with a market that reflects the country's diverse and vibrant culture. Brazilian laws do not specifically prohibit sex dolls, provided they meet general safety and health standards. The growing acceptance of alternative sexual lifestyles supports a burgeoning industry in the country.

10. Spain

Spain, like many of its European neighbors, has a permissive attitude towards sex dolls. The sale and purchase of these products are legal, with regulations in place to prevent the sale of dolls resembling minors. The Spanish market is well-developed, offering a variety of options for consumers interested in purchasing sex dolls.


If you want to buy a sex doll from us, we will not usually turn you away. However, it is important to note that before purchasing please make sure you can obtain a sex doll, we must do what we can and consider regional laws. No one wants to see the dolls they paid for detained by customs and ruthlessly destroyed.

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