Sia : Little Elf Princess Sex Dolls for Sale

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Fairy Sex Doll For Men Adult Masturbation

This is the most special product, and it is different from all the masturbators you see.

1. Really made of silicone. 99% of masturbators use TPE material. After 30 days, the TPE material will ooze oil and become hard. Silicone is more stable and comfortable, and the shape is more three-dimensional and realistic. It can be used for more than 3 years.

2. Combination of masturbator and Garage Kit. The product is well-made, the same as the Garage Kit of the sexy character model, but it also has a vagina, which can be used not only as a collection of ornaments, but also as a masturbation device.

Product Specifications:

Brand name: MRL
Material: Medical grade silicone(NO TPE)
Net Weight: 920g/33oz
Size: 24*22*20cm/9.5*8.7*7.9inch
Quality Standard: Q/HL-2018-02
Production standards: ISO9001-2008
Wonderful real sex feeling
Makes you harder and more durable....

Sia : Little Elf Princess Sex Dolls for Sale
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