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About us


Where Fantasies Find Freedom!

"I want to create a doll that I love!"

When did this idea first come to me?

My name is Luffy. At that time, I was 25 years old, recovering from a failed relationship. I stumbled upon a seemingly insignificant anime – perhaps it was the plot that brought tears to my eyes or the theme song that captivated me. However, the constant was the joy I felt when I saw her. Yes, I had fallen for the cute and beautiful female character in the anime.

I admit, I had fantasies about her in a more intimate context, but it didn't matter. At this moment, I needed her companionship. So, I scoured the entire internet and discovered that she didn't exist in the market, nor were there any similar products available. This triggered my thoughts: were anonymous friends around the world also seeking the same needs and emotions?

Therefore, I made a firm decision. I was determined to create a doll that I liked.

However, I underestimated the difficulty of bringing this idea to life. My concept was a blank canvas in the market at that time. I was doing something no one had done before, with no learning materials and no technological references. Despite a year of solitary exploration, I couldn't find a feasible solution, leaving me disappointed.

In 2018, just when I was on the verge of giving up, I met friends who shared my hobbies. They too loved anime and had their favorite characters. We spent nearly a year researching and created our first anime doll – the dragon girl "Ling." This made us the world's first company to combine character figurines with dolls. After three improvements, using medical-grade silicone and a more scientific production process, we developed multiple versions. Now, she is our most popular doll.

All along, our goal has been simple – we want everyone to genuinely like Ling, just as we earnestly like someone. We want to magnify this sentiment and reach more people.

So, in 2019, we officially established a brand, MRLSEXDOLL, meaning Mr. Love. Love is constant; it doesn't change with external factors or succumb to time constraints.

In fact, we now have the capability to realize your love. Our anime-inspired dolls combine the advantages of action figures and adult toys, portraying beautiful figures with articulated poses. Based on this foundation, we gathered hobbies and opinions from friends worldwide, creating many popular product series, such as nipple penetration dollfuta doll.

Thanks to your love, MRLSEXDOLL has burst forth with countless creative ideas. In 2022, we upgraded our products with colorful enhancements, real hair implantation, colored head sculptures, and added skeletons for increased playability. color ling and color ivy have been particularly well-received.

color ling

When I saw the color versions, I suddenly realized how close I was to the vision I had at 25 – "I want to create a doll that I love!"

At this point, you may still have doubts, but MRLSEXDOLL can assure you: our love is mutual. We will wholeheartedly create your love and turn dreams into reality.