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What is a figure sex doll? | What Does a figure sex doll Feel Like?

durch MRLDaisy 22 Mar 2023 0 Kommentare
What is a figure sex doll? | What Does a figure sex doll Feel Like?

   What is a figure sex doll? What Does a figure sex doll Feel Like? It looks like an action figure, but what is the use experience actually like? Can it make a perfect combination of figures and sex dolls?

   You’ve probably head the term figure sex doll before but do you know EXACTLY what it is? The finest male sex toy for anime lover, that’s for sure! read on to discover the ins & outs of the figure sex doll for men. (Pun intended, of course!)

    If you like anime and hentai figures, do you want a combination of figurine and silicone sex doll? You can show them like a doll, and also have sex with them like a realistic sex doll. This is definitely another revolution in the history of male sex toys, now let’s see more details about figure sex dolls.

Q. What is a figure sex doll?

A. As figurine masturbators or figure sex doll, it combined the appeal of painted PVC with the sexual functions of silicone, and there is also a skeleton inside the doll to support the body and some joints can be moved like a real sex doll. So that you can change her position as you like. There is also clothes that you can dress her as you wish!

    The carving of her head can be as delicate as an anime character. At the same time her body is soft like real girl, her boobs, ass, and vagina are made of soft silicone. You seem to have a real anime girlfriend with her.

Features of a figure sex doll:

• The head of figure sex doll is delicate like other hentai figures you have seen before. The face is designed by a modeler and then Painted it by PVC. The face paint won’t fade, you don’t need to worry about this problem.

• The inner skeleton is made of a special alloy that doesn’t break easily. The joints are movable, so you can get her into the pose you want. But please bend joints to a reasonable degree. They can’t do positions that humans can’t do.

• The body is made of soft and elastic silicone material. She fulfilled her duties as a sex doll. She has the S-shaped body curve of an anime character, with big breasts and a big butt which feels good to the touch.

• And also the important part, vagina channel. It can have a bumpy, ribbed or irregular pattern inside the tunnel. The rubbed tunnel is the most popular feature. The bumpy tunnel is second and finally, a pocket vagina with an irregular shape is best made to mimic the feel inside a vagina. A real vagina and ass is not straight or even, it have beds and creases inside that only the finest male sex toys can replicate.

• It stretch to fit your erection, although some are tighter than others. The silicone pocket pussy fits like a smooth, warm glove and provides superior sexual enjoyment for men. It’s a guys favorite toy to masturbate with because it feels so good!

• The biggest feature of the figure sex doll is that it perfectly combines the functions of sex dolls with figures. She breaks through the limitations of dimensions and comes to you from the animation world, bringing you a lot of happiness.

Q. What Does a Figure Sex Doll Feel Like?

A. The Figure Sex Dolls feel like sex with a woman. The tunnel is ribbed or lined with irregular soft bumps which imitates the texture inside a woman’s vagina. The silicone surface feels silky, stretchy and warm just like real skin. Simple or inexpensive strokers also feel like sex, but the higher quality and bigger the toy, the more realistic it will feel.

    We mentioned a few nuggets of info above that can describe what a Figure Sex Doll feels like, but to sum it up: a Figure Sex Doll feels like sex with a woman! How does it feel so real?

    You have to thank technological advancements for that. The modern silicone compounds stretch and move with each thrust of your erection. Even when lubricated, they have the same feeling as a sex with a woman. You would be surprised at how life like a hunk of silicone can feel. It’s quite astounding!

    Turn off the lights and imagine a sexual partner in bed with you and there’s hardly a difference. The realism is limited by your imagination! One of our best tips to make it feel more real is to use warming lubricant which warms as you rub.

Q. Where to Buy a Figure Sex Doll?

    So far, MRLsexdoll is the only company with this technology to produce figure sex dolls. Because the production of figure sex doll is very complicated, with many production processes, after a long time of research and experiments, we finally launched this series of figure sex dolls, Yukiko is the first one, we will continue to introduce more special figure sex dolls. If you have any ideas, just contact us!

    In general, figure sex doll is a new kind of sex toy for men, which worth you have a try, especially for anime lover, don’t miss it! Otherwise you will lose so much fun!

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