Yua:Maid Small Sex Doll Sweet Girl

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She’s got a real feel that will have you coming back for more. Soft, realistic, and ready to be taken home tonight. Yua makes a great partner for the lonely night. She can be your best friend, your girlfriend, or your lover.

Product Feature:

1. Really made of silicone. 99% of masturbators use TPE material. After 30 days, the TPE material will ooze oil and become hard. Silicone is more stable and comfortable, and the shape is more three-dimensional and realistic. It can be used for more than 3 years.

2. Combination of masturbator and Garage Kit. The product is well-made, the same as the Garage Kit of the sexy character model, but it also has a vagina, which can be used not only as a collection of ornaments, but also as a masturbation device.

3. Every character has a soul. We have a total of more than 40 girls, each with their own story, written by the active Japanese cartoonist TONG, which took 2 years to create each character meticulously.

4. Really have sex with the dream goddess. Not just watching in your hands. Contact us to get anime stories about girls you like.

Product Specifications:

Brand name: MRLSEXDOLL
Material: Medical grade silicone(NO TPE)
Net Weight: 900g
Size: 11*14*21.5cm
Quality Standard: Q/HL-2018-02
Production standards: ISO9001-2008

Yua:Maid Small Sex Doll Sweet Girl
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